Biomimicry… To mimic or go back to the natural?

In its simplest terms, biomimicry is the imitating of nature. A confusing concept, considering that if we humans are a part of nature, why are we trying to imitate the natural? Somehow, we have let our egos get the better of us and believe that brute force and self-developed technology could solve all our issues. We adapt our environment to our needs and have made ourselves the furthest thing from natural. Just take a look around you… See anything REALLY natural?

We won’t get into creationism and evolution, but we can accept that the natural world truly has all the answers for the unnatural “solutions” humans have developed. Nature is based on the following simple principles:

  • Dependency on sunlight,
  • Localization,
  • Upcycling, and
  • Interdependency.

What do humans depend on?

  • Fossil fuels,
  • Import, import, import…,
  • Pollute the air, land and water and make it someone else’s problem, and
  • Claiming ownership of the land, sea and sky.

We can live more aligned with nature and learning from nature, imagine a water bottle that you never have to refill, a self-supporting building with the ability to heal its façade, gluing broken bones to make them stronger and reduce healing time, never washing your car again… All these ideas are already a reality and it is not a new trend. Historically, we have always been learning from nature, designing breathable buildings and clothing, airplanes, Velcro, the list goes on.

Next time you’re designing a building, a water distribution system, HVAC or prototyping a product, anything really. Take a step back and have some real “self-indulgence” and think “How would nature design this?”

Let’s end with this… Bio-Realisation – “The realization that you are natural and part of a natural system”

Eloshan Naicker

Outsourced CAD Solutions

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