House Plans Submission Documentation (Quick Guide)

House Plans for Local Authority/Municipality Submission

Here is a quick Quick Guide

Most of these forms can be obtained can at your Local Municipality.  

Please contact us if your require any assistance.

Prior to submission please have the following:

Surveyor General (SG) Diagram

  • Local Municipality

Title Deed

  • If your property is financed your Bank will have a copy
  • The Deeds Office

Zoning Certificate

  • Can be obtained from your local council’s Land use rights department The document contains information about the property’s use rights or zoning, building lines, coverage etc.

Council Submission Form

South African Council For The Architectural Profession (SACAP ) Schedule 4 form – Provided by Architect or Professional Designer.

Plans copies signed by Engineer, Client / Architect/ Draughtsman

Sewerage Connection Diagram

  • Local Municipality

Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Only if a third party or professional consultant is to submit the plans and get it approved, you will need to write a letter giving this authority.

Engineer appointment form

  • Filled a professional Engineer (Engineering Council of South Africa -ECSA ) who will take responsibility for the structural soundness of the building designed,
  • Local Municipality or Engineer

Copy of latest paid up Account

  • Local Municipality

Copy of Owners ID

Fees for submission