The Global Pandemic Disruption of Performance Agreements.

The time has come to show your worth as an employee. We often hear the quote “80% of success is showing up “- Woody Allen. Now that has and will drastically change. Employees cannot just “show up “make up their time and go home because many are at home.

I recently dealt with a matter where the employee has been making his required hours of work at home, however upon scrutinization, it appeared that for the hours he “worked” his productivity was unreasonably low.

Do you see where this is going?

Business sectors across had been forced into the “Work from home “social experiment due to COVID 19 and if it works there some great benefits.

Here is an inexhaustive list of benefits for businesses and employees:

Lower rental costs as less space for employees is required.

Reduce cost of having the employee at the premises (Coffee, electricity, water, etc)

Reduced travel costs for employees to the workplace. Fewer trips to the Office

Potential for improved Work-Life balance. (If you do not mess it up).

Once adaptation to working from home, there could be fewer as aspects of conflict that have a cost on time and in turn affects productivity.

In my efforts to keep this article short, I would agree that factors may be debatable as there is no “One size fits all ” measure to these. Introverts would probably love to be at home while the extroverts are currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms.


The main point is that employees are to be measured on their contribution to the business rather than their time being present physically or virtually. Attendance and especially half-day leave are rather subjective right now. The “Night owls and “Early Birds” can thrive no that the Industrial Mindset has been abolished.

The change is here, we should embrace it.

Sherwin Arjnan.

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